During the last months we worked with the Dour Festival to plan the official before in Paris.

Dour's spirit is quite unique. Festival-goers make Dour. It's a mix between open-mindedness, craziness, meetings, discovery and escape.

Mathieu Fonsny, Dour Booker

We're really proud of it because it's our favorite festival. After many years going to Belgium and after creating heed, we really wanted to celebrate the unique spirit of Dour.

On Friday, July 3, the party took place at Le Motel in Paris ('cause yes we're french :) ).
The festival's team sent us many goodies to offer and we organized a special blind test around Dour's lineup.

To complete this night, we also cooked two mixes only with artists who are coming in Dour this year.

Here some pics of this party:

We really want to thank Le Motel and its team for their kindness and Dour for their confidence and their support.

Now see you in Belgium and DOUREUUUUH!!!

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