Introducing TRMA

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For those of you following us from the beginning, you might already know that we are two heads behind heed. As we enjoyed preparing our monthly

Top Releases: March 2016

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I don't know if it's the thought of flowers being able to blossom in the outter space now but our favorite releases for the month of

Top Releases: January 2016

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Well, welcome to 2016. As usual, we highlighted our first favorite tracks from the beginning of the year. This month features some cold deep techno with

heed tape #1 - cad

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Today, we're releasing our first heed tape. We wanted to do something a bit different than traditional podcasts so imagine our heed tapes as a series

Top Releases: September 2015

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And we're back with a bunch of new techno and house tracks. This month special mentions go to Tlim Stugh with his Surf Dude EP, an

Top Releases: August 2015

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Summer is gone now, but maybe you can find a way to extend it with the best tracks we spotted this August. Special mention to Floating

Top Releases: July 2015

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Here are our 15 favorite tracks from this month. Alex Boman definitely stole the number one spot with its beautiful dreamy track 1979. Also, don't forget

heed #3 before Dour Festival 2015

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During the last months we worked with the Dour Festival to plan the official before in Paris. Dour's spirit is quite unique. Festival-goers make Dour. It's

Top Releases: June 2015

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June has been good to us, hear our favorites from this month. Includes Detroit Swindle, Joe, Regal, Daphni, DJ Tennis, Stephan Bodzin...

Stephan Bodzin stunning new album "Powers of Ten"

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It's safe to say straight from the start that Stephan Bodzins LP is our 2015 current favorite. Powers of Ten is a beautiful 10-tracks mix of